Baby Wearing Coat Insert

Fun hot summer days are over, winter is coming and now those who enjoyed babywearing during warm season might wonder “How to keep my baby warm while outside?”
This is not a question for Christen from Oregon any more πŸ™‚

Baby Wearing Coat Insert

Luckily for both of us Christen found the BZ Fingers shop on Etsy and didn’t hesitate to ask a question about a Baby Wearing Coat Insert.
She wrote:”Hi! I just saw that it looks like you use fleece. Would it be possible to use something that is water repellant or water proof? I live in Oregon (US) and it rains a lot here…
Thank you!

That was a call for me! For a while I was thinking about making waterproof inserts but never had enough motivation and time for that. Christen sent me a picture of her jacket and I run through local fabric stores. There I found only one! waterproof type fabric in only one! color. It does not exactly matches Christen’s jacket, but close enough πŸ™‚

Waterproof babywearing jacket

Before listing a custom order for her Waterproof Baby Wearing Coat Insert I asked if she is aware about important information that her jacket may have some other kind of a zipper, different from the one on the insert. I told her that I will add a zipper that matches her order, so it could be added to her jacket in a few easy steps. Just as seen on this picture:

Add Zipper

Her answer was: “Yes I read that and plan on taking it to a tailor since I don’t know how to sew :)”

When I finished the insert my dear friend and marketing adviser Anna came to see it, and we had fun spontaneous photo-session. Due to the fact that Christen’s jacket is in Portland we attached an insert to my fleece jacket that is a bit short for an insert and “a bit” wide for Anya even though she is half way through her pregnancy! πŸ˜€
But you can see how much comfort it provides for mother and for baby.

Instead of going outside like this:

You go like this:

baby wearing insert

An insert makes you look elegant and both of you feel warm and cozy.

Anna thinks that it is also great for a few last month of your pregnancy πŸ™‚
Maternity insertBZ Fingers Maternity/Baby Carrying Jacket Insert allows dads, moms and babies to share and enjoy outside adventures more than ever.
So, now you know my answer to “How To Keep Baby Warm While Babywearing?” question.
It is BZ Fingers Baby Wearing Coat Insert
Share how do YOU deal with baby wearing in the colder months? Leave your answers below!


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Hi! My name is Elena. I love nature, handmade goods, photography, art, humor, pets, fashion. I love to be connected to creative thinkers. BZ Fingers is the name of my on-line store and also it is my life style :) Stay connected!
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4 Responses to Baby Wearing Coat Insert

  1. Wow! This is really cool. It definitely looks more cozy and so warm! I hope your customer will love it. It would be great to read a follow up and see what she thought of it. =0)

  2. bzfingers says:

    Thanks Kim! I am definitely looking forward to hearing from her too. Though hope she won’t need to use it very soon and will have nice warm fall πŸ™‚ I received in past some great feedback on fleece inserts, but this is the first waterproof one and hopefully not the last one πŸ˜‰

  3. Vandicrafts says:

    I have to say that is pretty cool! I would never have thought to even look for that. My husband and I plan to try for kids in about a year so I will have to keep you in mind! I also live in the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area so waterproof is a must! lol

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